Music Production


As producer, ZeniF offers to oversee all elements of a music production, from the coordination of recording sessions, co-writing, co-producing, to finalizing the product with mixing and mastering. These elements include providing instruments, scheduling sessions, managing funds, and more. All work is dedicated to ensure that the instrumental and vocal aspects reflect the artist’s vision.

Mixing & Mastering

ZeniF is dedicated to mixing and mastering in order create the best version of a songs and albums possible without genres restriction. The blending process to mix includes the balancing of levels of the track, fine-tuning with equalization, stereo imaging, and enhancing effects. While mastering the album, ZeniF controls the dynamic range and fixes any outstanding problems from the mix. Your songs will be radio ready and be able to compete with the latest tracks that are released by your favorite artists.


Consultation & Teaching


With diverse experience and an adept understanding of music production, mixing, and mastering, ZeniF provides high quality consultation to producer and aspiring artists to create work that resemble their identity and vision. Not only is consultation available, but also education on skillsets to help music producers, sound engineer, and artists.

For Producers: Arranging, Mixing 101, Music Production with virtual instruments, DAW (Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Protools)

For Sound Engineer: Mixing & Mastering Technique for EDM and Pop Music, Classical Music, Advanced Editing Technique. DAW (Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Protools)

For Artists: Co-production, co-songwriting, artist styles and identity consultation, Digital Marketing.